1899 Dining Hall
AED - 1899 Dining Hall First Floor
AED - Adams Hall Lobby
AED - Athletic Training Room East Campus
AED - Athletic Training Room West Campus
AED - Building 1 Lobby
AED - Cougar Dome Basketball Court
AED - Duke Lobby
AED - Felix Event Center Event Services Lobby
AED - Foothill Community Church
AED - Health Center
AED - Heritage Court Lobby
AED - IMT 680 Restrooms
AED - IMT Media Services-Duke Hallway Connection
AED - Marshburn Library Lobby
AED - Mary Hill: Physical Therapy Lab rm.101
AED - One Stop Lobby
AED - Ronald Lobby
AED - Segerstrom Lobby
AED - Smith Hall Lobby
AED - Trinity Hall Lobby
AED - UTCC Second Floor
AED - West Campus Fitness Center
AED - Wilden Hall Elevator Entrance
AED - Wynn Elevator Entrance Second Floor
APU Community Counseling Center
Adams Hall
Adams Modular Classroom
Alosta Place
Art Center
Athletics Department
Athletics Training Lab (WCAT 408)
Auxiliary Court (EVNTAUXCRT)
Azusa Print And Design
Barbara And Jack Lee Place Of Prayer
Baseball Field
Business Office
Center For Student Action
Center For Teaching, Learning, And Assessment
Citrus Stadium
Cougar Athletic Stadium
Cougar Mall
Cougar Walk Café
Cougar's Den Café
Darling Library
Department Of Campus Safety
Dillon Recreational Complex
Duke Academic Complex
Engstrom Hall
FEC Sports Medicine Clinic
Felix Event Center
Fitness Center And Weight Room
Graduate And Professional Cashier
Graduate And Professional Center
Graduate And Professional Student Affairs
Hall Of Champions
Heritage Grill
High Desert Regional Campus
Hillside Grounds At Heritage
Human Resources Oasis Training Center
IMT Computer Store
IMT Device Solutions
IMT Engineering
IMT Repair Center
IMT Support Center
Inland Empire Regional Campus
International Center
James L. Stamps Theological Library
Kresge Plaza
Los Angeles Regional Site
Magnolia Court
Mary Hill Center
Men's And Women's Locker Rooms (East)
Men's And Women's Locker Rooms (FEC)
Mexicali Grill
Monrovia Site
Multi-Media Classrooms
Munson And Bavougian Tennis Complex
Munson Chapel
Murrieta Regional Campus
Office For Resident Life
Office Of Asset Management
Office Of Chapel Programs
Office Of Construction And Operational Planning
Office Of Curricular Support
Office Of Graduate Admissions
Office Of Human Resources
Office Of Innovative Teaching And Technology
Office Of Military And Veteran Services
Office Of Research And Grants
Office Of Sports Medicine
Office Of The General Counsel
Office Of Undergraduate Admissions
One Card Office
One Stop: Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center
Orange County Regional Campus
Parking Lot A
Parking Lot C
Parking Lot Citrus Annex 2
Parking Lot D
Parking Lot E
Parking Lot F
Parking Lot G
Parking Lot H
Parking Lot I
Parking Lot J
Paws 'N Go
Purchasing Department
Redlands Community Hospital
Ronald Center
Sam's Subs
San Diego Regional Campus
Segerstrom Science Center
Seven Palms Ampitheater
Shire Mods
Shire Modulars Recreation Room
Slauson Park
Smith Hall
Soccer Field
Softball Field
Special Collections
Stadium Sports Medicine Clinic
Stamps Rotunda
Starbuck's Coffee
Student Government Association (SGA)
Student Health Center
Student Post Office
Student Union
Studio For Chapel
The Market
Trinity Hall
Trolley Stop 1 - East Campus
Trolley Stop 2 - FEC
Trolley Stop 3 - H Lot
Trolley Stop 4 - I Lot
Turner Campus Center
Umai Sushi
Undergraduate Academic Success Center
University Bookstore
University Park
University Relations
University Services
University Village
University Village Recreation Center
Upper Turner Campus Center
Warehouse Operations
Warehouse Theater
Warren Music Center
Welcome Center
West Campus Building 1
West Campus Lawn
Wilden Hall
William V. Marshburn Memorial Library
Wynn Academic Center